Building a Budget Gaming PC

Lately I’ve been just roughing through playing some of my games I play (Mostly just GTA V and FS17) using my laptop connected to a monitor, but lately it’s been getting pretty warm and it’s been thermal throttling. My task was I wanted to use a system that’s capable to play my games, but not spend a lot. Which is where we go here:

A gaming PC for under $600?

So browsing around eBay, I found a desktop system (well, they call them ‘Workstations’) called a Dell Precision T5600 (Specs sheet located here). The one I found is equipped with the following hardware:

Now that list, the components are Enterprise grade. Can I overclock the CPU? No. But hey, I got all this for $300 (The seller was asking $349.99, I submitted a best offer for $300 and (s)he accepted).

Now the hunt was on! What would I like to have in this system:

Graphics: Looking into graphic options, I think I can obtain a nVidia GeForce GTX 1060 for around $160. If I can’t get that, I’ve found a few ATI RX 580’s locally for around $100. I’m waiting to hear back from some offers I sent in on eBay.

Memory: For right now, I’m going to leave the system at 16 GB. In the future, I’d like to add 16 or 24 GB more into the system.

Hard Drive/SSD: I’ve found a few Refurbished SSDs on eBay for around ~$90. I’m looking to pay less so I’ve sent in a few best offers and am waiting to hear back. Ideally, I’d like a 512 GB SSD (256 would work, if 512 is out of my price range)

2nd CPU: That’s right, although this would have no effect on gaming, this system does support a 2nd CPU socket, and with readily available E5-2630’s (Looking around ~$20), I said why not and put some offers in. If I do find out, I will also require a 2nd cooler fan which will run me around ~$30.

OS: These come with Win 7 Pro COA’s on the system (and from what I do understand, if I install Windows 10 you can still get the free upgrade). If I experience anything else, I will let you know.

Now when this is all said and done, I can get around ~$30-40 for the graphics card that comes with the system, which I do intend to sell, but I won’t include that with my quote.

So the running total right now is: System ($300) + SSD ( $70) + GTX 1060 ( $160 ) + 2nd CPU/Heatsink ( $50 ) = $580. That’s right, a fully functional system that can play games for only $580. I’m gonna have to wear a black mask the first time I fire this up because this is highway robbery.

Once I get the system and everything installed, I will post back on my findings!

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