How to install cPanel/WHM on CentOS

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The following is a straightforward way of installing cPanel/WHM on a CentOS (It will be the same for RHEL, if you are running it in opt of CentOS). The following install assumes you have an installed and updated copy of CentOS.

Basic Install Instruction (no customization)

    1. Connect to your server via your favorite SSH client (PuTTy for me).
    2. Once logged in to your server via SSH run the following commands
      mkdir /home/cpinstall
    3. Once you have created the directory, run the following command to ‘cd’ into the directory
      cd /home/cpinstall
    4. Once your are in the directory, we are going to download the cPanel installer file
      curl -o latest -L
    5. And finally, now we will run the install command. Please note this can take 15-60 minutes depending on the server. Please don’t touch the SSH window or reboot the server during this process. I do recommend doing a clean CentOS install and restarting if for some reason you are disconnected or the server reboots.
      sh latest

Thank you for using our tutorial. Please let us know if this helped you out or you have any questions.

Advanced Install Commands

Please follow up step 4 above before starting these advanced install commands.

  • Setting version to install (Stable, Release, Current or Edge)
    1. Nano (or vim) into the following file
      nano /etc/cpupdate.conf
    2. Set the following value based on the teir you want. For demonstration purposes it will be set to the ‘Release’ tier.


Once these changes have been made, you are free to run step #5 above and install cPanel.

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