Installing Fedora 22 Workstation on a new computer

With the new release of Fedora 22,¬†setting up your new and\or existing workstation couldn’t be any easier. Before you begin, you should make sure you download the Workstation live DVD ISO from a respective mirror(x86_64 or i386), and either burn it to a DVD or setup a jump drive to install it off of! Fedora Project maintains a tool to make a bootable USB drive to launch the live version of Fedora Core! Check it out here.

So once you have your DVD or Usb key ready to launch the live CD, put your medium into your computer and reboot the PC. Press the key(F11, Delete, etc [Check your computers documentation for more information]) that bring up the boot options menu and select either the DVD Drive or the USB Key from the list. Once you select it you should see the following screen:

Press the enter key to boot into the Live CD.

Once you begin to boot, you will see the loading screen like below:

Wait for the Fedora Core live DVD to load into memory, it may take a few minutes.

Once the system boots up, you will be at a desktop and be presented with two options like so:

You can either choose to Try Fedora or Install to Hard Drive, for this tutorial we are installing to the Hard Drive, but feel free to play around before you install. Click ‘Activities’ in the top left corner to launch some applications!

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